The Green Spice Girls: Saying Good-Bye

Okay only kinda sorta and not really! We don’t really sing (though we think we can in the shower when nobody is listening) and we can’t really dance (though we can shake our booties) AND we’ll look just plain silly in the tight spandex things with wild hair and so much make up (which is probably not very non-toxic)!

What do we have in common with the Spice Girls you might wonder?

We’re breaking up, just like they did.

We’re doing it rock band style though!

We all have talents, individual strengths and brands. So we’ve decide to build on our own individual strengths and talents and coming together for reunion tours and duos whenever we can.

See, just like the Spice Girls!

Deep Breath

Please do not panic, we’ll still be singing out songs, rocking to our tunes and best of all jamming with you! If you want to work with one of us, that is still completely possible and if you want all three of us for a complete gig, we’ll you’ll have to pay a hefty price but it might be possible <insert a wink>!

If you are wondering about our blog, Facebook, Twitter, email, #ecowed and if we are still friends were or if there are hard feelings here is the scoop:

Blog: It will stay live but we will not update it with content.

Facebook: This account will be deleted.

Twitter: We will no longer be tweeting from this account. Please individually follow @greenmom @thesmartmama @thesoftlanding

#ecowed: Jennifer, The Smart Mama will be taking over #ecowed and will be tweeting from @thesmartmama

Email: We will no longer be answering any emails from our joint account, voice mail and the contact form has been taken down.

Friends: Of course we are! No hard feelings, we still love each other very much and respect each others amazing talents and skills. It is a rock band break up so we’re rocking it but we’re just singing a different song!

OMIGOSH, How do I work with one of you?

Click on any of our pretty faces to work with us and who knows we might start dancing and singing:

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